Xtranormal: Text to movie making
Text to speech movie making. You can also watch, share or embed other movies already made. Choose set, characters and a voice from a range of international accents.

Lots of ideas for Xtranormal in class

Using Xtranormal in class
More help with xtranormal
Want more detail explanations to making an XtraNormal, then watch this YouTube video
Here is Mme. T movie:Le déjeuner

Preservice teachers make me a "thank you" movie for their workshop. (I was truly touched by this.)

  • Free
  • Easy to use: Making movies process is simplified
  • Movies can be posted in youtube
  • Movies in 3D
  • Control over backgrounds, characters, camera angles, and so on.
  • Do not need special software, just a computer with internet access
  • Immediate feedback
  • Page in different languages